Seed Money Grants

The New York Women Composers’ annual Seed Money Grant Program awards grants of $750 each for concert projects that include a substantial commitment to the performance of music by NYWC members. (Note: This is not a commissioning grant.) Application details will be circulated in mid-April of each year.

Applicants may be solo performers, ensembles or presenting organizations. Applicants do not need to be members of New York Women Composers, and the concerts are not required to take place in New York State.

Concerts for the grant period must take place from September of the application year to December of the following year.

General Guidelines

For concert grant applications, we offer two possible formats:

  1. Focused Concert: Presentation of a concert featuring the works of three or more composer-members of New York Women Composers for at least half of the project’s time-length. At least one of the NYWC composers chosen must be new to the performers.
  2. Disseminated performances: Performers or ensembles may instead choose to perform works by a minimum of five different NYWC members during their performance season, on two or more concerts. At least two of the NYWC composers must be new to the performers.

Call For Scores

The music to be presented will be chosen from a call for scores circulated on behalf of the grant recipients by NYWC. Although many composers do list works in the members’ online catalog on NYWC website, please be aware that this list is not complete, so a general score/recording call is preferred (either physical scores or PDFs) over catalog-only selection. The concert organizers choose the music they wish to play according to their tastes.

We ask that composers receive notification of rehearsal schedules with the option to attend at least one rehearsal; that printed programs be provided with information on the composers and the pieces, and if vocal music, song texts; and that performers vet the venue prior to booking to make sure it is suitable and that the acoustics and piano (if applicable) are suitable for the performance.

Finances and Project Completion

Seed Money Grant awards are $750. Any financial proceeds from the concert go directly to the organizers, not to the New York Women Composers organization. The selected composers do not have to pay any money to the organizers for the performance of their works. New York Women Composers is not responsible for any additional monies needed to complete the projects. A program should be provided to NYWC after the performance takes place; sound or video files are also appreciated, but not required.

Application Procedures

The applicant should submit a brief outline of the proposed project, along with professional biographical and promotional materials, and a sample sound recording. Applications will be judged by the following criteria:

1)  Project visibility

2)  Financial need

3)  Instrumentation

4)  Performing Rights Organizations licensing coverage for paid-admission concerts*

5)  Concert length

6)  New applicants will receive preference over those who have previously received New York Women Composers funding

*Preference for grant selection will be made for concerts that are covered by performance licenses from ASCAP and BMI, so that composers may be remunerated. Some concert halls carry blanket licenses, but other venues do not. NYWC will be happy to provide information on how to secure single-performance licenses for your concert if your concert is not free admission.

The grant cycle runs annually and submissions are only accepted once up-to-date guidelines have been posted. Please check back here for updates.