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 Cry of the Dove, Concerto for Cello and Orchestra 
 Adrienne Elisha 

Performed by cellist, Steven Elisha with the Cleveland Chamber Symphony, Andrew Rindfleisch, conductor.

 Canciones Nocturnas 
 Alba Potes 

Canciones Nocturnas is based on seven short poems by the Spanish writer, Jorge Guillén. The poems are from the Antología Civil and share a common theme: the night.

 El Jardín de Tomás 
 Alba Potes 

El Jardín de Tomás (Thomas' Garden) is a composition written in the memory of my mother María Inés de Potes and dedicated to the pianist David Holzman.

 Traces: A Meditation on Impermanence 
 Alba Potes 

This is a visual interpretation of a piece for bass flute composed by Alba Potes entitled, Traces: Homage to Bach.

 Alla Pavlova 

Alla Pavlova Concertino Vilnius; Sergej Krylov, violin; Rostislav Krimer, piano; Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra; 18 February 2014.

 Monolog for Violin and String Orchestra 
 Alla Pavlova 

 Beata Moon 

Composed and performed by Beata Moon. Commissioned by the New Jersey Music Teachers Association

 Pennyroyal Swale Part 1 
 Beth Anderson 

Beth Anderson's Pennyroyal Swale Part 1. Ms. Anderson's beautiful music for string quartet, set to images of Kentucky by photographer James Archambeault. Video by Dmitriy Khavin.

 Pennyroyal Swale Part 2 
 Beth Anderson 

Pennyroyal Swale Part 2. Ms. Anderson's beautiful music for string quartet, set to images of Kentucky by photographer James Archambeault. Video by Dmitriy Khavin.

 Skate Suite 
 Beth Anderson 

Performed by Brooklyn Baroque: Andrew Bolotowsky, flute and baroque flute; Gregory Bynum, alto recorder; David Bakamjian, baroque cello; Rebecca Pechefsky, harpsichord

 Incidental Duckling 
 Debra Kaye 

Incidental Duckling animates the heartwarming tale of the Ugly Duckling. The music is excerpted from the theatre piece, produced by Literally Alive Theatre, and is also part of a suite of dance and incidental music with a similar title – Incidental Ducklings. Video by Kiersten Armstrong; music by Debra Kaye.

 Debra Kaye 

To recall the magic of Taos, the light, the air... in three remembrances - the first night there, the waning of summer, a visit to Georgia O'Keeffe's home in Abiquiu.

 While We Were Sleeping 
 Debra Kaye 

Hurricane Sandy brought devastation to our doorsteps; friends and loved ones were uprooted. The storm approached at night, and I improvised a beginning, thought of our unheeded wake up calls and woke to find what had happened while we were sleeping. Performed by Craig Ketter, piano.

 Retorn a la terra for narrator and chamber ensemble 
 Elisenda Fábregas 

Retorn a la Terra Conducted by Unai Urrecho and performed by Violinist Rodrigo Puskas, Double Bass Hyu Sun Lee, Clarinetist Hyon Suk Kim, Bassoonist Bao Anh Nguyen, Trumpetist Eric Robins, Trombonist Hyon Su Lim, and Percussionist Kevin Clarke. Narrated by Elisenda Fábregas and Yoo Jeong Hoon.

 Terra Mater for Symphony Orchestra 
 Elisenda Fábregas 

Premiere of "Terra Mater" for Symphony Orchestra performed by the Wonju Philharmonic conducted by Young-Min Park 2011 in Wonju, South Korea.

 Voices of the Rainforest-III. Evening storm 
 Elisenda Fábregas 

"Voices of the Rainforest" for flute, cello & piano. Mvt. III. Evening storm "The wind arrives, sounds explode." Live performance by the Trio Quer-Strich.

 Contemplation 8, 9 
 Hilary Tann 

Live performance in Cambridge, Mass by Cappella Clausura, March, 2012.

 Shakkei (Mvt. I) 
 Hilary Tann 

Saxophonist, Susan Fancher performs Hilary Tann's Shakkei (Mvt. I). Thailand Philharmonic, directed by Allan McMurray. 2009 World Saxophone Congress.

 Winter sun, Summer rain 
 Hilary Tann 

Performed by: Ingrid Culliford, flute; Andrew Sparling, clarinet; Ruth Crouch, violin; Jane Salmon, cello; Shelagh Sutherland, piano; Richard Benjafield, percussion. Ensemble diretto da Odaline de la Martinez.

 Joelle Wallach faculty recital at the University of North Texas. 
 Joelle Wallach 

Joelle Wallach (composer) faculty recital at the University of North Texas.

 "Folderol" from "Parallel Play" for Sax Quartet 
 Judith Lang Zaimont 

Live 2006 performance by the Presidio Saxophone Quartet.

 Nocturne- La Fin de Siècle 
 Judith Lang Zaimont 

Performance by pianist Elizabeth Moak.

 Judith Lang Zaimont 

Composer Judith Zaimont , performs her own piano solo composition. Colorfield artworks are drawn from paintings by Gary Zaimont.

 Night Dances - song cycle 
 Juliana Hall 

Performed by: Diana Newman, soprano and Bretton Brown, piano. i. Crickets Sang, Emily Dickinson; ii. Song, Emily Bronte; iii. Sleep, Mourner, Sleep!, Emily Bronte; iv. Some things are Dark, Edna St. Vincent Millay; v. Sonnet, Elizabeth Bishop.

 Rilke Song 
 Juliana Hall 

Carolyn Hove, solo English Horn player with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, performs Juliana Hall's "Rilke Song" with pianist Yien Wang.

 To Susan Gilbert (Dickinson) 
 Juliana Hall 

Danya Katok singing "To Susan Gilbert (Dickinson)" from the song cycle "Syllables of Velvet, Sentences of Plush" by Juliana Hall.

 Intervals - for piano 
 Julie Mandel 

Three of 24 “Intervals” for piano played by Italian pianist, Paolo Bartolani.

 Love is a Two-Part Invention 
 Julie Mandel 

Performed by The Phoenix Quartet's David Root, David H. Orcutt and pianist Richard Pearson Thomas.

 String Quartet #6 
 Julie Mandel 

The Allegro Movement of String Quartet #6 by Julie Mandel is played at North Shore Public Library on Nov. 7th, 2008 by The Stony Brook String Quintet.

 Aria & Toccata for Viola and String Orchestra 
 Marga Richter 

Marga Richter composed Aria & Toccata for Viola and String Orchestra for Walter Trampler at the request of MGM Records in the fall months of 1956. The work exists in an alternate version for viola and piano and it is in this form that it has been played most widely by Mr. Trampler since its successful recital introduction at the Library of Congress.

 Divers (Diverse) Divertimento 
 Marga Richter 

Comprised of 16 Movements. Performed by the Erato Ensemble (Jeff Pelletier, flute; Lauris Davis, oboe/english horn; Adrian Verdejo, guitar)

 Marga Richter 

Sample tracks from Poetic Images Beyond Poetry CD, available on Ravello Records. Includes three of Richter's works for orchestra and features performances by the Seattle Symphony Orchestra and the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra, both under conductor Gerard Schwarz.

 Shrewsbury: Summer of 2011 
 Marga Richter 

Performed by Marga Richter, November 20, 2011, at a Long Island Composers Alliance (LICA) concert.

 El Greco: The Agony in the Garden 
 Margarita Zelenaia 

The Agony in the Garden (based on El Greco’s painting). Live from the world premiere (2011), Derby Chamber Music Society, UK: Eniko Magyar, viola, and Timothy End, piano.

 Mussorgsky and Beyond, Double Variations 
 Margarita Zelenaia 

Mussorgsky and Beyond, Double Variations for piano solo, Margarita Zelenaia, pianist. Video - Anatoly Semenchuk. The illustrations to the Pushkin's "Boris Godunov" by Evgueni Kibrik have been used.

 Vocalize (Homage to Rachmaninov) 
 Margarita Zelenaia 

Vocalize, Homage to Rachmaninoff. Premiered by Jasmine Lin (violin) and Jacob Braun (cello), recorded and broadcast live on WFMT radio from the Chicago Cultural Center in 2009.

 Beneath the Azure Sky 
 Marilyn Bliss 

For soprano, flute, violin, and cello, a setting in three movements of oral poetry by Afghan women whose names remain anonymous. The poems were originally couplets called "landays" which I knitted together to form a narrative. The first movement is entitled Love, the second Separation, and the third Exile.

 Huatzu Hill 
 Marilyn Bliss 

Huatzu Hill for soprano and chamber orchestra is a setting of four poems by Wang Wei, an 8th-century Chinese poet, as translated into English by G.W. Robinson. Three of the four songs depict landscapes near Wang's country retreat in the Wang River valley. The second song is a bittersweet farewell to a beloved friend. This performance is by the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra, Gayane Geghamyan, soprano, Ruben Asatrian, conductor.

 Wind Songs - for Native American flute and voice 
 Marilyn Bliss 

Comprised of two pieces: the solo work I. Phantom Breeze shows the struggle for dominance between the conventional note pattern of the Native flute's scale and the interlopers (neighboring tones), and II. It Was the Wind, a setting of an evocative Navajo text for soprano and flute. Performance by James Pellerite, Native American flute and Tricia Melzer-Swaydrak, soprano. Photos by Albert Dlugasch.

 Butterfly's Child/Carmen, Listen to Me 
 Mary Ann Joyce-Walter 

Gayla Morgan performs two settings of poems by Joan Rudel, accompanied by Christopher Oldfather.

 If I Can Let You Go 
 Mary Ann Joyce-Walter 

May Sarton, poem. Premiered by Sara Paar, soprano, Mary Robb, cello and Catherine Miller, piano.

 A New Theology 
 Mary Ann Joyce-Walter 

Performed by Gregory Wiest, tenor, and Akane Kubo, piano in Munich, Germany.

 All Things Gold 
 Melanie Mitrano 

From the album "All Things Gold" (2010), Melanie Mitrano, vocals; Matt King, piano; Andy Eulau, bass; Scott Neumann, drums, Jim Cifelli, flugelhorn. Music & Lyrics © Melanie Mitrano (ASCAP).

 Tudo se resume a você 
 Melanie Mitrano 

Melanie Mitrano, vocals; Matt King, keyboards; Scott Neumann, percussion. Music & Lyrics Melanie Mitrano.

 Melanie Mitrano 

From the album "All Things Gold" (2010). Melanie Mitrano, vocals; Matt King, piano; Andy Eulau, bass; Scott Neumann, drums. Music & Lyrics © Melanie Mitrano.

 Ladies of Romance 
 Mira J. Spektor 

A short opera buffo, with music by Mira J. Spektor, and libretto by June Siegel. Performed by Hillary Schranze, soprano, Karen Jolicoeur, soprano, Brian Hunter, tenor, and Barbara Ames, piano.

 Nailah Nombeko 

Composer's Voice presents Nailah Nombeko's "Obscurity" performed by violinist, Stanichka Dimitrova, and pianist, Noah Palmer at the Jan Hus Church, New York City, 2013.

 Piece for Solo Violin 
 Nailah Nombeko 

My Dad's Violin Documentary presents Nailah Nombeko's "Piece for Solo Violin" premiered by Stanichka Dimitrova for the Composer's Voice concert series, December 9, 2013 at the Jan Hus Church, NYC.

 Memento Mori 
 Nina C. Young 

The JACK Quartet performing Phase I of Nina C. Young's Memento Mori on March 12, 2013, NYC.

 Native Dream 
 Pamela Sklar 

Inspired by her great respect of Native American cultures past and present, Pam's music here is also included on her CD, A Native American-Jazz Tribute. A portion of proceeds from sales of the CD are being donated to National Relief Charities, which serves over 75 reservations. www.nrcprograms.org.

 Spell 166 
 Pamela Sklar 

Inspired by the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, I wrote Spell 166 for five flutes (piccolo-bass fl) and organ.

 Peri Mauer 

Pixeliance, for flute, harp, and marimba, was composed in 2012, revised 2017. A bright, colorful piece in one movement, animated by a vibrant spirit of dancelike gestures and textural elements intended to bring forth a journey of magical delight.

 Hourglass performed by Nataliya Medvedovskaya 
 Rain Worthington 

Nataliya Medvedovskaya's beautiful performance of my piano composition, Hourglass at Bargemusic.

 Premiere of "Tracing a Dream" 
 Rain Worthington 

World premiere: 2/23/2016 with Dr. Christopher Kelts conducting the Missouri State University Symphony Orchestra.

 Shredding Glass 
 Rain Worthington 

Shredding Glass - for orchestra began as an immediate cathartic response to the events and images of September 11, 2001. The music is ultimately about transcendence.

 Sabrina Pena Young 

An otherworldly electronic sonic soundscape. Complex sound synthesis and visual music in an alien dreamworld. Composed by Sabrina Peña Young. Released with Young's debut electroacoustic album Origins in 2008.

 Libertaria: The Virtual Opera 
 Sabrina Pena Young 

In a post-USA dystopia teen Libertaria escapes from genetics factory and teams up with her addict father to lead a cyborg army against evil reverse-aging geneticists in this "epic" machinima opera by award-winning composer Sabrina Peña Young. Created entirely online without a single live rehearsal, Libertaria has been described as a "breakthrough opera" and "Wagner 2.0", and the first original comic book opera.

 Singing Geneticists and EPIC Cyberspace Machinima Operas 
 Sabrina Peña Young 

TEDxBuffalo. Sabrina Peña Young put together her own full opera production using crowdsourced performances and machinima: computer-generated 3-D graphics.

 Back to the Heart-Planet 
 Svjetlana Bukvich 

Scored for mixed chorus, synthesizers, bass guitar and drum set, the piece was commissioned as part of Bukvich's Alan and Wendy Pesky Artist-in-Residence at Lafayette College (2011-2012) and premiered at the Williams Center for the Arts, PA.

 Interior Designs 
 Svjetlana Bukvich 

Bukvich's collaboration with the Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company - a 30-minute electroacoustic score commissioned for the company's "Celebrate 30! Performance Gala" in spring 2013, premiered at Kean University, NJ.

 You Move Me 
 Svjetlana Bukvich 

Inspired by Mordy Ferber's world fusion jazz, Goran Bregovic's film music, and Brian Eno's nineties electronica, "You Move Me" was presented as part of "Svjetlana & Friends", an evening of her music at Spectrum in NYC.

 Szymanowska Nocturne 
 Szymanowska Nocturne performed by Beata Moon 

Nocturne by Maria Szymanowska, She was a Polish composer who lived before Chopin and is thought to have influenced his music. Performed by Beata Moon, piano.

 Scel lem duib 
 Tawnie Olson 

Indiana University Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, Jaeeun Kim, assistant conductor, Dominick DiOrio, director, Alexandra Mullins, harp; Cecilia Ratna, Rebecca Ehren, Patricia Wallinga, vocal soloists.

 Bridges Mvt. 1 Railroad Trestle Bridge 
 Victoria Bond 

Railroad Trestle Bridge in Galax, Virginia, uses the motoric rhythm of a train. The Chinese erhu and pipa evoke the sound of a fiddle and banjo playing country music. The players are John Yeh and Teresa Reilly, clarinets, Wang Guowei, erhu, Yang Wei, pipa.

 Potirion Sotiriu 
 Victoria Bond 

Based on a Greek Orthodox chant, this solo work became the basis for the piano concerto "Ancient Keys." Premiered by pianist, Paul Barnes.

 Victoria Bond 

U.S. Premiere: Victoria Hauk, flute; Kathryn Christensen, piano.

 'Illusion' from 'The Crimson Hand'  
 Whitney George 

'Illusion' from 'The Crimson Hand' is the overture to the staged production of the same title for chamber orchestra and fixed media. Performed by 'The Curiosity Cabinet'

 Whitney George 

Raijin performed by Joe Tucker December 5, 2014, Scholes Street Studio, Brooklyn NY.

 Spare Bedroom 
 Whitney George 

Spare Bedroom (Frans Zwartjes- 1970) Score by Whitney E. George, with Melissa Danas, Horn Soloist.












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