Julie Mandel

2" a Revue

Year: 1979

Duration (in minutes): 30'39;

Difficulty: Medium (college/community)

Category: musical theater

Instruments: piano, soprano, tenor voice

Description: A musical revue for two people in which all the songs relate to the concept of “two” and explores all the many and varied combinations. (Can also be done using several “couples”) Has been performed in many regional theaters. First performed at Lincoln Center Library Theatre. Recorded with original cast on “Take Home Tunes” label. Song List: 1.) Two's A Nice Number, 2.) Two Pieces Of Bread, 3.) Love Is A Two-Part Invention, 4.) Dear Mr. Green, 5.) Baby Makes Two, 6.) Two Note Rag, 7.) Two Points Of View, 8.) Now We Are Three, 9.) Two To Tango, 10.) Show Biz, 11.) Two Things, 12.) We Need Each Other, 13.) Two Cities, 14.) I'm Two, 15.) Twice On Matinee Days, 16.) When We're Together/One/2 Is What It's All About, 17.) Two's A Nice Number (Reprise)

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