Alyssa Reit

A Potrait of Milton Phibbs

Year: 2021

Duration (in minutes): 13:30

Difficulty: High (professional)

Category: brass ensemble, mixed instrument ensemble

Instruments: horn, percussion

Publisher: 7 Stars

Video Links:

Score PDF: A-Portrait-of-Milton-Phibbs.pdf

Purchase score URL:

Description: Milton Phibbs was a supremely talented horn player and also a composer who wrote music with eccentric sense of humor—especially challenging pieces for multiple horns. Scored for ten horns and percussion, this commissioned piece is my tribute and portrait. A few things worth mentioning: Milton was often, shall we say, “a little tipsy,” and sweetly so. The first movement is a nod to that aspect of his character. He was also an avid WWI buff; the second movement is a setting of the WWI song “When the Boys Come Home,” as well as a commentary on war. The final movement is my response to his wild and wonderful music.

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