Svjetlana Bukvich

Before and After the Tekke

Year: 2006

Duration (in minutes): 8:30

Difficulty: High (professional)

Category: electronic and computer works

Instruments: any string, any voice, electronics, synthesizer, tape, violin

Publisher: CBCO MUSIC

Video Links: Buk625

Score PDF: beforeandafterthetekkeviolin-5.pdf

Description: "Before and After the Tekke" is inspired by Mesa Selimovic's book about an 18th century dervish in Bosnia, my visit to an 18th century Tekke - dervish monastery - in Herzegovina at the karstic Buna river spring, Bosnian Christian Orthodox and Islamic music idioms, and the sounds of New York City. The piece features tuning of my own design woven with tempered intonation.
If you travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina you won't find this music. It is dreamed up from sounds that I have once known but since forgotten. Violinist Ana Milosavljevic originally commissioned the work. The piece was released on EVOLUTION (Big Round Records) featuring Cornelius Dufallo on violin, Tony Levin on bass and myself on synthesizers. Mastering by Joe Lambert.

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