Joelle Wallach

for voice and piano

Year: 2007

Duration (in minutes): 4'

Difficulty: Medium (college/community)

Category: solo voice(s) with piano

Instruments: alto, any female voice, any high voice, any low voice, any male voice, any medium voice, any voice, baritone voice, bass voice, mezzo soprano, piano, soprano, tenor voice

Publisher: Joelle Wallach

Publisher website:

Outside URL:

Score PDF: Close-your-Eyes.pdf

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Description: Close Your Eyes (from “Millenial Love Songs”) is based on a poem by which pleads for the emotional rather the cerebral in love. Close your eyes, my love, let me make you blind; They have taught you to see Only a mean arithmetic on the face of things, A cunning algebra in the faces of men, And God like geometry Completing his circles, and working cleverly. I’ll kiss you over the eyes till I kiss you blind; If I can—if anyone could. Then perhaps in the dark you’ll have got what you want to find. You’ve discovered so many bits, with your clever eyes, And I’m a kaleidoscope That you shake and shake, and yet it won’t come to your mind. D.H.Lawrence

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