Sabrina Young


Year: 2011

Duration (in minutes): 35

Difficulty: Medium (college/community)

Category: choral, electronic and computer works, larger chamber ensembles - more than 4 players, musical theater, solo voice(s) with chamber ensemble

Instruments: alto, any female voice, any high voice, any low voice, any voice, electronics, percussion, soprano, synthesizer, tape

Publisher: Pena Young Publishing

Description: Award-winning multimedia oratorio for SSA women's chorus, percussion ensemble, optional electronic keyboard, and tape. Sung in Swahili, English, and Spanish, Creation is a celebration of creation and procreation, a joyful expression of life. 6 Movements. 35 Min.
A complex multilingual intertwining of Afro-Cuban music and traditional choral music, the intermedia oratorio Creation celebrates diversity and the beauty of procreation. A celebration of culture, life, humanity, and the female body, Creation further marks itself as a musical milestone, commissioned specifically for a 60 member woman's chorus and composed by a young female composer of Cuban-Dominican heritage.
Premier performance by the Millikin State University Women's Chorale directed by Michael Engelhardt and accompanied by the Millikin University Percussion Ensemble, directed by Brian Justison. Creation won the "New Genre Prize" for the IAWM Search for New Music in 2011.
Composed for: SSA, Optional Keyboard Accomp, Tape, and Percussion Ensemble (2-5 players)
This album includes scores and performance click tracks.
Performance Notes: The click tracks are mono click in the left ear and mono tape in the right ear. For performances, the click goes to the conductor headphones and the mono tape part goes to the house speakers.
Feel free to perform these works in entirety or in part, or to use these materials for educational purposes.

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