Joelle Wallach

Door Standing Open

Year: 1990

Duration (in minutes): 14'39;

Difficulty: Medium (college/community)

Category: solo voice(s) with piano

Instruments: alto, baritone voice, bass voice, mezzo soprano, piano

Publisher: Classical Vocal Reprints

Publisher website:

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Score PDF: DSOCompletetitleMusicTextsDrawing.pdf

Text PDF: DSO-TEXTS-only.pdf

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Description: The Door Standing Open derives its title from a Kabalistic phrase that implies the ever present possibility of resuming a dialogue with God. Although the title phrase derives from ancient Jewish mysticism, the four songs of this Prophetic cycle for medium or low voice and piano are settings of poems by Robert Mezey and of Mezey’s translations of the Hebrew poetry of Uri Zvi Greenberg. Each song explores a different mood or attitude in an ongoing personal conflict with God—not simply rage or frustration, but several stations in the rocky, passionate path through fate to faith. Cycle of 4 songs, available on 4Tay reconds: On the Equator;Like a Girl;Vetus Flamma;;With My God the Smith

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