Svjetlana Bukvich


Year: 2023

Duration (in minutes): 8:06

Difficulty: High (professional)

Category: string quartet

Instruments: cello, synthesizer, viola, violin

Publisher: CBCO MUSIC

Score PDF: EllipseFullScore2024-03-12.pdf

Description: "Ellipse" for string quartet and electronic sound in three short movements (I Prelude to a Bad Beginning, II The Stillness of Sacrifice and III Time Reconciled) contemplates our world that seems to be traveling at a constant distance from any real focal point, and where the velocity of this flight appears as the only thing that is increasing. Do we ever really interact? Do we give way to an elliptical experience of time where love and death see each other constantly, but never touch? Perhaps this time ellipse carries us on with its semblance to a purposeful life, a reconciliation, and a love fulfilled forevermore that is always in sight. And that is bearable.

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