Victoria Bond


Year: 1977

Duration (in minutes): 45'39;

Difficulty: Medium (college/community)

Category: orchestra and chamber orchestra

Publisher: Subito Music Corporation

Description: Choreographer: Lynne Taylor-Corbett
chorus on tape for prologue only; tape available
Piano version available
Comm. and prem: 10/13/77; Pennsylvania Ballet Orchestra, Schubert Theater, Philadelphia, PA
This particular ballet draws from Hermann Hesse’s novel Narcissus and Goldmund. It is a study of the dual nature of man. Set in the middle ages, the music evokes the modalities of Gregaroian chant with asymmetrical, pungent style.
“The showpiece of last night’s program was the New York premiere of Equinox...the music has bite and direction.” Newsday
“In one scene, the timpani marks the inexorable advance of three masked death figures. Violins follow the plague-ridden crowd who run, but cannot escape. The total effect is spine-chilling.” Today’s Post
“A strong, probing work that provokes and disturbs as much as it entertains...a worthy addition to the repertory.” Courier-Post

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