Elisenda Fábregas

Five Songs For Soprano And Piano

Year: 1986

Duration (in minutes): 15'39;

Difficulty: Medium (college/community)

Category: solo voice(s) with piano

Publisher: Southern Music

Score PDF: i._el_silencio_pg._1_sample-5.pdf

Text PDF: five_songs_lyrics-program_notes-5.pdf

Description: Five evocative and haunting settings of poems by F. Garcia Lorca (Spanish): "El silencio", "la mano imposible", "la luna negra", "las seis cuerdas", "clamor". Written for and prem. Rachel Rosales, sop., composer, pn. "Fabregas's idiom here [Five Songs] is a sinuous and erotic free tonality, influenced a bit by Ravel and by Schoenberg, but altogether fetching. "San Antonio Express News. "A well-crafted, impassioned scoring..." San Antonio Express News. CD avail. Leonarda Productions.

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