Joelle Wallach

Glancing Below

Year: 1994

Duration (in minutes): 16'39;

Difficulty: Medium (college/community)

Category: ballet/dance, larger chamber ensembles - more than 4 players, mixed instrument ensemble, string ensemble, string quintet

Instruments: cello, contrabass, percussion, piano, soprano saxophone, viola, violin

Publisher: Joelle Wallach

Publisher website:

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Score PDF: GlancingTotalTitleScore.pdf

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Description: A haunting and lyrical one-movement chamber work for eight players, Glancing Below was originally commissioned by the Carlisle Project as a ballet score. As a ballet entitled Flaws in the Glass, Glancing Below was premiered in Philadelphia’s Drake Theater in August, 1994. By the following winter, it had entered the repertory of the Hartford Ballet, which gave the work its New York City premiere in June, 1995. A 1999 Juilliard Dance Theater showcase production, Glancing Below continues to be performed as a ballet as well as being heard as a profoundly evocative instrumental octet.

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