Beth Anderson

Good Christmas Cat

Year: 2000

Difficulty: Medium (college/community)

Category: choral

Instruments: alto, bass voice, soprano, tenor voice

Publisher: Self-Produced

Description: SATB accapella or wityh harp or piano; I can make whatever version you woukld like for your choir. It was recorded, and sung repeatedly in Denmark where it was often requested to be repeated on the concerts.
By Jo-Ann Krestan
"What's that?" said the cat from his place by the fire. "It's a tree as tall as a church's spire. It's red and it's green and there's glitter and light. They're trimming it, stringing it, making it bright."
"What's that?" said the cat "Why it's quite absurd, a tree in a house, not a single bird. When the night grows cold and it starts to snow, where will the sweet little chick-a-dees go?"
The cat crept out on velvet paws, until he saw the chick-a-dees. He showed no teeth. He hid his claws. He begged them sweetly to come in, please. "I swear I will not touch a feather. I'll keep you safe from nasty weather."
Through an open window and up in the tree, the chick-a-dees flew; he counted twenty-three." That's that," said the cat as he sat by the fire. "It's a Christmas tree that I can admire. And I hope they'll sing to their hearts' desire, for chick-a-dees make such a heavenly choir."

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