Elisenda Fábregas

Homenatge a Mompou

Year: 2007

Duration (in minutes): 9'39;

Difficulty: High (professional)

Category: piano

Publisher: Hofmeister Musikverlag

Score PDF: homenatge_a_mompou_pg._2-5.pdf

Text PDF: homenatge_a_mompou_program_notes-5.pdf

Description: Homenatge a Mompou (Homage to Mompou) for piano, was commissioned by Dutch pianist Marcel Worms in occasion of the 25th Anniversary of Mompou’s death in 2006. The premiere took place on November 2007 in an all-Mompou music festival in Amsterdam. Being myself a native of Catalonia, this commission was very special for me since I played for Mompou in 1977 and his music has always been very dear to me.
This work consists of a set of three pieces that are connected to Mompou in a variety of ways: (I) through direct quotation of a rhythmic/melodic ‘motif’ Mompou’s music, (II) the use of Spanish folksongs, and (III) by celebrating the most playful musical personality of Mompou.
I. “Crits en el carrer” (Screams in the street)
II. “Tinc una nina vestida de blau” (I have a doll with a blue dress)
III. “Jocs en el carrer” (Street games)

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