Rebekah Driscoll

In Which They Are Received

Year: 2011

Duration (in minutes): 6

Difficulty: Medium (college/community)

Category: electronic and computer works, solo woodwind instrument, woodwind ensemble, woodwind sextet

Instruments: any woodwind, clarinet, flute, viola

Publisher: Rebekah Driscoll Music

Publisher website:


Video Links:

Description: This extended 6-part canon was originally written for 6 clarinets. Each instrumentalist plays the same material, but the impact of these identical statements varies with the surrounding musical context: some entrances produce tension, others merge smoothly with the prevailing atmosphere, and others barely register as the listener’s attention is concentrated elsewhere. Alternate versions are available for 6 flutes, 6 violas or 6 bassoons. The piece can also be performed by a single instrumentalist with electronic delay.

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