Marga Richter (1926-2020)

Landscapes Of The Mind I

Year: 1974

Duration (in minutes): 29'39;

Difficulty: Medium (college/community)

Category: concertos

Publisher: Carl Fischer, Inc.

Description: perc, cel, hp, pn, elec guit, elec bass, elec. tamboura or sitar (or synthesizer or orch pn), strs, orch pn Premiered W. Masselos, pn, Tucson Symph, 1976; N. Hinderas, pn, Atlanta Symph, L. Lane, cond, 1986; inspired by G. O'Keeffe paintings and Indian Ragas. "...the piece challenges, compels, soothes, stimulates, and ultimately enthralls." D. Henry, Atlanta Constitution/Journal. "...undeniable triumph...It seems like a succession of craggy, smoldering mental images malignantly parading past like figures on a Hellenic frieze." L. Cheek, Tucson Daily Citizen. Tape avail.

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