Joelle Wallach

Low in a Manger

Year: 2007

Difficulty: High (professional)

Publisher: Joelle Wallach

Publisher website:

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Score PDF: LowInAMANGERScoretitleEtc.pdf

Text PDF: LowInAMANGER-Text.pdf

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Description: Lo in a Manger is a Christmas carol, composed in 2006 for unison treble choir and organ or piano, commissioned for the New York Virtuoso Singers’ Youth Choir. The sweetness of the children’s voices underlines the tenderness of the lullaby aspect of the nativity story. The words originally belonged to an older carol composed over a century before the Wallach version. However Wallach’s carol is not an arrangement but a completely new work which uses only the text of the older carol, though they bear the same name.

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