Svjetlana Bukvich

Machina in Dubio

Year: 2021

Duration (in minutes): 7

Difficulty: High (professional)

Category: orchestra and chamber orchestra

Publisher: CBCO MUSIC

Score PDF: SvjetlanaBukvichMachinaInDubio2021-10-14Full-Score.pdf

Description: In "Machina in Dubio" the machine can predict human behavior. It moves quickly and thinks like fractals. In order to write a programming language about hope it starts simulating the music of humans. At the height of the simulation the machine glitches into a catharsis of sorts and starts writing original music. In its aftermath, the program spews out a dance to which the machine cannot move. The logic of the machine immediately destroys it, but the machine is never the same. Instead of hope, it writes a program about doubt, attracted to the very thing it once aimed to rule.

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