Hilary Tann (1947-2023)

Melangell Variations (string orch & vocal soloists)

Year: 2018

Duration (in minutes): 13

Difficulty: High (professional)

Category: orchestra and chamber orchestra, string orchestra

Instruments: baritone voice, soprano

Publisher: Rowanberry Music

Score PDF: melangell_variations-score-7pgs-secure-5.pdf

Description: Melangell Variations in three linked movements, was commissioned by Jeremy Huw Williams and the Welsh Chamber Orchestra with the assistance of the Ralph Vaughan Williams Trust and Ty Cerdd. It was first performed at the Beaumaris Festival, May 28, 2018, by the Welsh Chamber Orchestra, c. Anthony Hose, with soloists Karen Coker Merritt and Jeremy Huw Williams. 1. The Story, 2. Her Silence, 3. A Cloud of Witnesses)

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