Beth Anderson

Net Work

Year: 1984

Duration (in minutes): 11'39;

Difficulty: Medium (college/community)

Category: piano

Instruments: piano

Description: A series of rhythmic variations originally commissioned as a sextet by the Commotion Dance Company for contact-improvisation. A few years later, a longer version of that piece for piano solo was commissioned by choreographer Donna Oberstein for Montclair State College. The original tune was augmented and extended creating rhytmic surprises and a powerful rhymic drive. The harmony is based on a "I"-"v"-"I" cadence and the melody is reminiscent of a Spanish folk melody. The introduction foreshadows the tonal centers of the first seven variations while changing meter from 8/4 to 7/4 to 6/4 and so on. This piece is also available as a sextet for 4 saxophones and 2 keyboard instruments. Available from the composer.

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