Alyssa Reit

The Nightingale

Year: 2019

Duration (in minutes): ca. 35

Difficulty: High (professional)

Category: musical theater

Instruments: flute, harp, narrator/speaker

Publisher: 7 Stars Publishing

Score PDF: nightingale_th-hfls_p_score_4up-5.pdf

Purchase score URL:

Description: In this story from H. C. Andersen, a Chinese emperor and his court are so impressed by the fake song of a mechanical bird that their contact with the living nightingale is broken. As the old emperor is dying at the end of the tale, the real bird returns to sing for him, charming Death into sparing the man’s life. Set for narrator, flute (and piccolo), and pedal or lever harp, with a variety of light percussion played by the instrumentalists. The harpist may also be the narrator. The lever harp part (34 string) requires advanced lever skills.

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