Judith Zaimont

Nocturne: La Fin de SiŠcle

Year: 1978

Duration (in minutes): 7'39;

Difficulty: Medium (college/community)

Category: piano

Publisher: E. C. Schirmer

Description: Nocturne: La Fin de SiŠcle. Chosen for repertoire list for 1988 General Motors/Seventeen Magazine Competition. First Performance: New York City, March 1979; Other Performances: Around the World. Recording on SUMMER MELODIES - A Piano Album 4-TAY CD (June 1997) "Nocturne, a 'valentine' to composer-pianists of the Gilded Age, is full-bodied and voluptuous" - Stereo Review. "A beautiful and original evocation of the romantic nocturne." - The Piano Quarterly. "Evokes the harmonic language of an earlier time effectively brought up to date through the use of complex rhythms and occasionally biting dissonances." - St.Louis Globe-Democrat. "A distinguished and highly effective work." - Notes. "This contemporary character piece will be effective for recital and competition performances." - Clavier. Galaxy/

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