Rain Worthington

On Curious Reflection

Year: 2009

Duration (in minutes): 5'

Difficulty: High (professional)

Category: mixed instrument ensemble, small chamber ensembles - 2 to 4 players, solo instrument with piano

Instruments: marimba, piano, vibraphone

MP3 STREAM: https://soundcloud.com/rain-worthington/on-curious-reflection-march-22-2014-sci-concert8

Video Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPbk7M-W9Q8

Purchase score URL: https://rainworthington.com/works-catalog/on-curious-reflection/

Description: The curious play between the poignant immediacy of an emotional moment, and at the same time, stepping back as an observer into a more distanced state of reflection.
Premiered 2010: Ricochet Duo: Jane Boxall, marimba, and Rose Chancler, piano, Ninth Festival of Women Composers, Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
Audio features by Topher Ruggiero, piano and Nathan Shew, marimba at the 2014 SCI National Conference.
Video features the vibe/piano version premiere by percussionist Chris Graham and pianist Andrea Lodge at Greenwich House Music School, NYC.

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