Joelle Wallach

Oneiros, The Dream

Year: 1985

Duration (in minutes): 14'39;

Difficulty: Medium (college/community)

Category: larger chamber ensembles - more than 4 players, mixed instrument ensemble, mixed instrument quintet

Instruments: any string, any woodwind, cello, clarinet, flute, piano, violin

Publisher: Joelle Wallach

Publisher website:

Score PDF: OneirosTitleScore.pdf

Purchase score URL:

Description: Oneiros describes the landscape of dreaming rather than describing a specific dream. In dreams, all things are connected in clear yet inexplicable ways. Oneiros is infused with the surreal wooziness of dreams. The yearning call first heard in the initial clarinet solo echoes again and again through the voices of different combinations of instruments, creating a kaleidoscope of subtly contrasting color and mood before coming to rest with a final nostalgic utterance by the flute.

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