Elisenda Fábregas

Portraits II for Cl, Vln, Vlc, piano

Year: 1999

Duration (in minutes): 17'39;26'34;

Difficulty: High (professional)

Category: small chamber ensembles - 2 to 4 players

Instruments: any string, any woodwind, cello, clarinet, piano, violin

Publisher: Hidden Oaks Music Co.

Score PDF: portraits_ii_score_samples-5.pdf

Text PDF: portraits_ii_program_notes-9.pdf

Description: Four mov representing a range of emotions: passion and lyricism in "Image"; unpredictability and playfulness in "Capriccio"; tenderness and lightheartedness in "Cantilena and Dance"; and vitality and decisiviness in the "Finale". "Its tonal harmony, traditional forms and romantic sensibility mark 'Portraits II' as conservative, but the composer's individuality shows through in yearning dissonances, quirky juxtapositions of thematic material and a pervasive sensuality not unlike that of her native Barcelona." San Antonio Express News. Written for and prem. by SOLI Chamber Ensemble on 1/16/00, Ruth Taylor Hall, Trinity University, San Antonio, TX. Adv lev. CD avail. Hidden Oaks Music Co.

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