Faye-Ellen Silverman


Year: 1996

Duration (in minutes): 7 1/4'39;

Difficulty: High (professional)

Category: solo instrument other than piano, solo string instrument

Instruments: guitar

Publisher: Subito Music Corporation

Description: As the name implies, “Processional is based on the idea of a parade. Chordal sections (the first of which uses double dotted rhythms) alternate with non-chordal sections derived from typical guitar techniques. The first and fourth of these non-chordal sections are contrapuntal. The second is based repeated notes and patterns involving an eighth note and two sixteenths. The third section is based on triplet sixteenth turns. The third and fourth non-chordal sections are separated by only three measures of chords, and the chords, this time, are unbroken. Each of the first three non-chordal sections moves higher than the last one, while the fourth stays in the higher range established by the third. In keeping with this progression, the first of these sections has the melody mainly in the lower voice, while the fourth has the melody in the upper. In general, both chordal and non-chordal sections get shorter and the tempi faster as the work progresses. Finally, the work comes full circle with a beat of quarter notes at 108 but with rhythms in half notes, so that the perceived tempo is the same as that of the opening measures (quarter note beat equal to 54). Opening and closing chords are also related, although the latter are slightly changed in keeping with their musical role.

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