Marga Richter (1926-2020)

Qhanri (Snow Mountain),

Duration (in minutes): 33'39;50'34;

Difficulty: Medium (college/community)

Category: small chamber ensembles - 2 to 4 players

Publisher: Shrewsbury Press

Description: pn, vc - inspired by trip to Tibet, its landscapes and people. Premiered D. Wells, vc, M. Richter, pn,, 1991, Yellow Barn Music Fest., Putney, Vt. "...has the ability to touch very deep emotional and psychic areas within us and our audiences...a masterpiece." D. Wells. "Quanri contains music of quiet power,reaching an austere nobility at times." M. Anderson, Fanfare. Rec David Wells, vc, Marga Richter, pn, Leonarda LE 337 CD. "The jewel of this particular crown [Leonarda 337] is 'Quanri/Snow Mountain; Tibetan Variations' a startling ritual drama inspired by Richter's 1986 trip to Tibet. This 36-minute tour de force for cello and piano, employing 'chromatic alterations' of a Jokhang Temple chant, here receives a performance to cherish....With this recording, as with Leonarda's other CDs of Marga Richter's music, the label is doing something to remedy the concert scenes neglect of a powerful, original voice." Michael Redmond, Newark Star Ledger. Tape avail.

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