Elisenda Fábregas

Repartido en espacio y en tiempo

Year: 2016

Duration (in minutes): 4'39;30'34;

Difficulty: High (professional)

Category: solo voice(s) with piano, solo voice(s) with solo instruments

Instruments: any brass, trumpet

Publisher: Hidden Oaks Music Co.

Score PDF: repartido_en_tiempo_y_en_espacio__sample_score-5.pdf

Text PDF: repartido_en_tiempo_y_en_espacio_poetry-5.pdf

Description: “Repartido en tiempo y en espacio” (Split between time and space) for soprano, trumpet and piano (2016)
Based on a poem in Spanish titled "A Osiris" by Juan Eduardo Cirlot
Commissioned by and dedicated to Antoni Solé.
Premiered at Sole Luthiers Concert Hall in 2016 by Margarita Natividade, soprano, Xavier Ribera, piano.

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