Sabrina Young

Space Force March for Piano

Year: 2020

Duration (in minutes): 3

Difficulty: Low (student/pedagogical)

Category: piano, young audiences, youth orchestra

Publisher: Pena Young Publishing

Score PDF: space_force_march_for_beginning_piano_3_fnl-5.pdf

Description: Piano Solo, Easy Piano, Beginner piano, piano student - Early Intermediate - Digital Download
Composed by Sabrina Peña Young. Arranged by Sabrina Peña Young. TV, Repertoire, Fourth of July, Children's Music, Patriotic. Score. 4 pages. Published by Pena Young Publishing (S0.799653).
Enjoy this fun patriotic Space Force March written for piano. Ideal for student pianists, adult beginners, music educators, and professionals alike. Easy to play with a memorable tune. Ideal for any patriotic event, school functions, July 4th and more. Play the Space Force March at your next patriotic event. Space Force!
Composed by award-winning film composer Sabrina Peña Young. The Space Force March was originally composed for the 2017 film "Welcome to Space Force", directed by Chris Thomas in Buffalo, New York. Now a classic march popularized worldwide, the Space Force March promises to be the new American standard for contemporary marches.

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