Sabrina Young

Space Force March for Piccolo

Year: 2020

Duration (in minutes): 3

Difficulty: Low (student/pedagogical)

Category: flute ensemble, flute trio, solo instrument other than piano, solo woodwind instrument, young audiences, youth orchestra

Instruments: any woodwind, piccolo

Publisher: Pena Young Publishing

Score PDF: space_force_march_for_piccolo-5.pdf

Description: Piccolo - Advanced Intermediate - Digital Download
Composed by Sabrina Peña Young. Arranged by Sabrina Peña Young. TV, Repertoire, Fourth of July, Children's Music, Patriotic. Score. 3 pages. Published by Pena Young Publishing (S0.798267).

Fun uplifting patriotic march for intermediate to advanced piccolo players. Good for students for school functions, recitals, fun, and repertoire. Ideal for any patriotic function, recital, or school event like July 4th, Veterans Day, Pep Rallies, Marching Band, and more.
Composed by award-winning film composer Sabrina Peña Young for the film "Welcome to Space Force". Support Western New York independent film with your purchase. ASCAP.

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