Sabrina Young

Space Force March for Xylophone

Year: 2020

Duration (in minutes): 3

Difficulty: Low (student/pedagogical)

Category: percussion ensemble, percussion trio, small chamber ensembles - 2 to 4 players, solo instrument other than piano, young audiences, youth orchestra

Instruments: marimba, percussion, vibraphone, xylophone

Publisher: Pena Young Publishing

Score PDF: space_force_march_for_xylophone-5.pdf

Description: Xylophone, Percussion Ensemble - Early Intermediate - Digital Download
Composed by Sabrina Peña Young. Movies, TV, Fourth of July, Patriotic, Americana. Individual Part, Score, Solo Part. 3 pages. Published by Pena Young Publishing (S0.795967).
A fun simple patriotic xylophone Solo based on the Space Force theme from the film "Welcome to Space Force". An easy piece to learn with a singable melody. Ideal for student percussionists. A march suitable for any patriotic occasion. Space Force!

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