Alla Pavlova


Year: 2005

Duration (in minutes): 135'39;

Difficulty: High (professional)

Category: ballet/dance, orchestra and chamber orchestra

Publisher: Alla Pavlova Music Publishing

Description: "Sulamith" ballet in 3 acts, 7 scenes. Based on the story by famous Russian writer Alexanre Kuprin (1908). It is a a very dramatic and touching love story between King Solomon and poor girl, Sulamith, a servant from his vineyard, and the only love of his life. The libretto also includes Assyrian and Egyptian scenes, and all the events described have a historical basis, including the Great Mysteries of Isis and Osiris. Each act is about 45 minutes.
Instrumentation: winds: winds: 4.; 4.3.1.; Timp.; Percus. (Bells, Cymb.; Bass-dr.; Sn-dr.; Triangle; Tambout.; Tom-tom; Tam-tam; Vibroph.; Glock.); Hp; Pn; Organ (or Harmon.); Strings
Soprano and choir (women voices) - only in one scene: Great Mysteries of Isis and Osiris.
Ballet "Sulamith" is now available for production: full score; parts; piano version.

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