Victoria Bond


Year: 1978

Duration (in minutes): 21'39;

Difficulty: Medium (college/community)

Category: choral

Publisher: Subito Music Corporation

Description: Text: Penny Orloff
Soloist: soprano
Comm. and prem: 4/17/78; Fairmont College, WV
I. Magician II. High Priestess III. Fool
The Magician’s color is red, he is the shaman in a ritual bridging human and divine, his spiritual powers drawn from the animal energy of nature. His language is Swahili. The High Priestess’ color is yellow. She provides warmth, tranquility and life-giving energy and her language is Sanskrit. The fool’s color is blue and his language is English. He is pictured walking off a cliff, but he knows that he will not fall because he can fly. He represents imagination and creativity.

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