Svjetlana Bukvich


Year: 2013

Duration (in minutes): 4:29

Difficulty: High (professional)

Category: electronic and computer works, piano, solo voice(s) with chamber ensemble

Instruments: electronics, mezzo soprano, other, piano, synthesizer, tape

Publisher: CBCO MUSIC

Video Links:

Score PDF: SvjetlanaBukvichTattooScore.pdf

Description: "Tattoo" is part of the 30-minute score Interior Designs, a commission I received from Carolyn Dorfman Dance for their "Celebrate 30! Performance Gala" in spring 2013. The piece features electro-acoustic music, video body mapping and projections, integral lighting, unique costumes, and dancers interacting with vocalist extraordinaire Kamala Sankaram. In the piece, the entire theater becomes an immersive environment that reveals the internal and external worlds of both performer and spectator. The piece was released on album EXTENSION (Navona Recordings). Mastering by Bob Ludwig.

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