Binnette Lipper (1939-2016)

Three For Five (Capriccio; Con Sentimento; Moto Perpetuo)

Year: 1995

Duration (in minutes): 15'39;

Difficulty: Medium (college/community)

Category: small chamber ensembles - 2 to 4 players, woodwind ensemble

Instruments: any woodwind, flute, oboe

Description: bn, pn, perc (vib, xyl, timp, sn drum, triangle, tambourine, temple blocks, woodblock) Three movements for five players. Russian premiere, Great Hall of Composers, Moscow Autumn Festival, Nov. 1995; E. Ivanina, piano; A. Korneyev, flute; A. Sheyin, oboe; A. Sizov, bassoon; A. Suvorov, percussion. CD: North/South Recordings (N/S R1017)

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