Elisenda Fábregas

Triple Concerto for violin, cello and piano

Year: 2014

Duration (in minutes): 30'39;

Difficulty: High (professional)

Category: orchestra and chamber orchestra, piano trio (vln, vc, pno)

Instruments: cello, piano, violin

Publisher: Hidden Oaks Music Co.

Score PDF: triple_concerto_score_samples-5.pdf

Text PDF: triple_concerto_program_notes-instrumentation-5.pdf

Description: Triple Concerto for piano trio & orchestra (2015) was commissioned by Trio Nova Mundi.
World premiere by Trio Nova Mundi and The Atlanta Community Symphony Orchestra,
conducted by Juan R. Ramírez.
February 8, 2015, Atlanta, GA, U.S.A.

This concerto is a reflection on the state of coexistence among diverse populations of the world and an homage to the unique medieval culture of Al-Andalous in Spain, a culture in which three diverse populations - Arabs, Jews and Christians - coexisted harmoniously for almost eight centuries. Metaphorically, these three populations are represented by three soloists - sharing equally the limelight, interacting with each other, and dialoguing with the orchestra. There are three movements, each with a tripartite structure.
The first movement (Allegro moderato) features haunting harmonies and pleading melodic gestures evocative of flamenco, as well as an exciting cadenza-like passage for the three soloists in the center. The second movement starts and ends with a Pensaroso (Pensive) section that flanks an intense Appassionato and a triumphal section marked Con resoluzione. The third movement (Allegro deciso) is distinguished for its energy and rhythmic vitality, with an expressive and quasi-religious passage in the center played by the violin and the cello.

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