Judith Zaimont

Two Piano Rags: "Reflective Rag", "Judy's Rag"

Year: 1974

Duration (in minutes): 34;Judy'39;s

Difficulty: Medium (college/community)

Category: piano

Publisher: Vivace Press

Description: First Performance: February 1975; Other Performances: Around the World. "Noteworthy are two elegiac rags by the contemporary composer Judith Lang Zaimont, which prove there's life in the old genre yet." - TIME Magazine. "Judy's Rag sustains the quality of that remarkable second side, with its dreamily Brahmsy Neapolitans. I'd almost put it at the top of its special little genre...This is a disc I'll treasure." - Richard Taruskin in OPUS Magazine. Also recorded on SUMMER MELODIES - A Piano Album 4-TAY CD (June 1997). Judy's Rag recorded on NORTHEASTERN RECORDS: NR 900 3-CD

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