Kim Sherman

Unfathomable Things: 15 Stories for Solo Piano

Year: 2020

Duration (in minutes): 16

Difficulty: Medium (college/community)

Category: piano

Instruments: piano

Publisher: Kim D. Sherman - Plumbers Daughter

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Description: Fifteen short pieces for solo piano, divided into four sets: 1) Quiet Poems: WATER CIRCLES describes the ripple effect when you throw a rock into a still body of water. A GESTURE is the lonely call to one who is not there. NIGHT SOUNDS are those strange things you hear when everything is quiet, but not really. 2) Four Moods: UNWINDING After a busy year of school, Annora relishes her time in the summer when she can relax, reflect, and spend time UNWINDING. FENCE A description of the art of Fencing inspired this music. REFLECTIONS REFLECTIONS is about the image of the moon on the water. LISTENING TO THE MOON is what I imagine it sounds like in the middle of the night. 3) Travels: THE KITE The effort of getting the kite to go up in the air, and the dance it does once it is there. CONVERGENCE When you come from different directions and meet up . . . somewhere. DRIVE A road trip in the Rockies. You came around a corner, and there is a huge lake in the middle of the mountains. UNFATHOMABLE THINGS Exploring the unknown. DESTINATION Arriving, being where you are, being grounded at the same time as feeling where you have been. 4) Three Walks: Loop, Evaporation Zone, Bridge 2 Queens LOOP describes a regular route I walk in Central Park. It’s the 6.2 mile perimeter of New York’s greatest jewel. If you listen carefully, you’ll hear me stop and take a stone out of my shoe. EVAPORATION ZONE is in honor of a philosophical discussion I had during a walk with my friend on Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, home to the NORAD Bunker. BRIDGE 2 QUEENS We met at Columbus Circle, and walked over the Queensborough Bridge Long Island City. Even though it was no longer than many other walks, it felt epic because we crossed the river and traversed from one borough to another. To purchase this music, please contact the composer.

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