Faye-Ellen Silverman

Unquiet Dreams

Year: 1992

Duration (in minutes): 9'39;

Difficulty: High (professional)

Category: mixed instrument ensemble, mixed instrument trio, small chamber ensembles - 2 to 4 players

Instruments: any string, any woodwind, clarinet, piano, violin

Publisher: Subito Music Corporation

Description: In "Unquiet Dreams", a trio for violin, clarinet, and piano, ideas float in and out of focus, as if in a dream-like state. Tonally, the first two movements are in B, while the last movement unexpectedly shifts from B to Bb -- the kind of shift expected in a dream. The first movement introduces the three instruments, then presents the rhythm of an Irish jig, intermingled with other dance references. The second movement joins clarinet and violin for much of the movement. At a certain point, the piano joins the clarinet, and the violin continues independently -- merging again with the clarinet when the piano succeeds in breaking away. Then a brief violin solo, joined this time by piano, is followed, and balanced, by a brief clarinet solo, also accompanied by piano. The clarinet solo leads back to a reminiscence of the material that opened the movement. This material is then stated in the violin before dying away, but this time in harmonics -- less severe, as in the end of a nightmare. The last movement has dance-like material in the piano that is interrupted by the violin and clarinet presenting a waltz. These ideas compete for a while, then, as in a dream, the materials merge and transform until, joined once more in similar material, the work comes to an end.

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