Svjetlana Bukvich

You Move Me

Year: 2008

Duration (in minutes): 6:47

Difficulty: High (professional)

Category: electronic and computer works

Instruments: electronics, guitar, other, synthesizer, tape

Publisher: CBCO MUSIC

Video Links:

Description: Inspired by Mordy Ferber's world fusion jazz, Goran Bregović's film music, and Brian Eno's nineties electronica, "You Move Me" was premiered as part of the 10th edition of The ASCAP Foundation's Thru The Walls series, curated by composer/electric violist Martha Mooke. The series is designed to showcase the work of concert composer/performers whose concert music defies boundaries and genres. The piece was released on album EVOLUTION (Big Round Records) featuring Mordy Ferber on electric guitar, Susan Aquila on electric violin Viper, Tony Levin on bass guitar, and Svjetlana Bukvich on synthesizers and vocal. Mastering by Joe Lambert.

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