Kim Sherman


Year: 2023

Contents: Kim D. Sherman - A Prairie Diary Moshe Knoll - Simplicity Kim D. Sherman - The Wedding Song Michael Ching - Arrangements and Derangements The ARK Trio
Allison Charney soprano, 
Kajsa William-Olsson cello, 
Reiko Uchida piano Non-standard setups in classical music may be interesting, but they are commonly faced with the problem of limited repertoire. The ARK Trio, formed by soprano Allison Charney, cellist Kajsa William-Olsson, and pianist Reiko Uchida, has found a way of circumventing this challenge by commissioning works from contemporary composers as well as re-arranging classics, and the result can be heard on their debut release, ARK RESOUNDING. The pieces presented here may be an eclectic mix of American history, Bachian and Schubertian influences, and timeless poetry, but they are all united by one common denominator: the bittersweet trials and tribulations of love.

Composers: Kim D. Sherman, Moshe Knoll, Michael Ching

Label: Navona Records

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