Chen Yi

Chen Yi / Boston Modern Orchestra Project

Year: 2018

Contents: Boston Modern Orchestra Project conducted by Gil Rose in Chen Yi's Spring in Dresden for violin and orchestra with soloist Mira Wang), Suite for Cello and Chamber Winds for cello and chamber winds (I. Lusheng Ensemble; II. Echoes of the Set Bells; III. Romance of Hsiao and Ch'in; IV. Flower Drums in Dance) with soloist David Russell, Fiddle Suite for huqin (Chinese fiddles) and string orchestra (I. Singing for erhu; II. Reciting for zhonghu; III. Dancing for jinghu) with soloist Wang Guowei, Xian Shi for viola and orchestra with soloist Liu Lizhou.

Composers: Chen Yi

Label: BMOP/sound

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Product ID: BMOP/sound 1058

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