Sarah Meneely-Kyder

Garland of Hymns and Carols

Contents: More than twenty-five years ago, given my life as a composer, and given the high profile and power of music during the Advent and Christmas season, I determined to start writing brief hymns or carols to close friends and family. I did so for two years and the music, originally presented on regular staff paper and stuffed into large envelopes, was greatly appreciated by all. Eventually, I asked my husband, who had studied with artists Lou Bonemarte and Deane Keller at the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, to create graphics that would become the front face of the cards reflecting the music in the interior. For twenty-three years we have continued our collaboration unstintingly, sending out our cards to a growing list of recipients. Two years ago, I felt that it was time to pull together the vocal and instrumental forces, to record all of the music inherent in the cards, and to produce the music on an enhanced CD as proof that the tiny musical representations inside the card were, in fact, “real” music! Voce, an inspiring chorus based in Hartford, CT. has recorded all of the musical material to date under the brilliant direction of Mark Singleton, Artistic Director.
In accordance with my wishes and Voce's charitable mission, a portion of the proceeds from sales of this CD will be donated to Hospice.

Sarah Meneely-Kyder

Composers: Sarah Meneely-Kyder.


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