Elisenda Fábregas

Mother Earth

Contents: This CD includes Mirage for piano solo. Mother Earth recording was envisioned by pianist Becky Billock and includes works inspired by nature by composers: Amy Beach, Marion Bauer, Henry Cowell, Edvard Grieg, Karen Tanaka, Bonnie McLarty, Elisenda Fabregas, Patrick Burke, Germaine Tailleferre, Robert Schultz, Katherine Hoover, Gwyneth Walker, and Kaja Bjørntvedt. Becky performed this program, including Mirage, in her 2018-19 Pacific Northwest tour.
“The subtitle of Mirage comes from a fragment of one of Elisenda Fábregas’ own poems, setting the mood for the shimmering beginning of the piece. “…I felt myself floating in a vast and magic space among tingling and shining stars…” The poem, in this context of the Mother Earth program, conjures up imagery of our planet as seen in its entirety from space. As Sally Ride noted after her first space mission, “The view of earth is absolutely spectacular… it makes you appreciate, actually, how fragile our existence is.” Becky Billock.
Mirage was commissioned for the San Antonio International Piano Competition in 1997. The premiere took place at the competition, performed by Silver Medalist Roger Wright. The New York premiere subsequently took place in 1998 and was performed by the competition’s Gold Medalist Mi-Jung Im. The San Antonio Express News wrote “…the piece makes equal demands on a pianist’s pyrotechnics, lyricism and sense of form…”

Composers: Elisenda Fabregas

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