Melanie Mitrano

Songs in Transit: An American Expedition

Contents: With the composers at the piano:
Tom Cipullo - How To Get Heat Without Fire
Lori Laitman - Two Songs
Lee Hoiby - Three Ages of Woman
Paul Moravec - Two Popular Songs
David Del Tredici - New Year’s Eve
Melanie Mitrano - 2 Infatuations & a Phobia
Beth Anderson - Two Songs
Gene Pritsker - Truth
Allan Jaffe - We Are Never Alone
Songs in Transit features an eclectic selection of songs that are not merely classical, but a hybrid mixture of styles which includes jazz, blues, musical theater, popular music, rock, hip-hop, electronic and world music. All of it is woven into the complex tapestry that makes up “American” music. The disc highlights living American poets and composers, most of whom accompany their own songs at the piano. Among the composers are two Pulitzer Prize winners: David Del Tredici and Paul Moravec. Also featured are renowned composers Lee Hoiby, Tom Cipullo, and Lori Laitman, as well as an original song cycle by the artist herself.

Composers: Melanie Mitrano, Beth Anderson, & others

Label: Capstone Records

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