I was in the world premiere of Crowdsourced Star Wars by

Dear Friends, Last Friday I went to see this movie and it was the first time I had ever synced any music to a film which had always been kind of a dream of mine and when I had Covid-19 I somehow figured it out you know the way you do different things when you’re sick. It was a parody of ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’, the DIRECTOR was P. Al Williams and it was a huge laugh riot from beginning to end. My scenes were subdued in comparison but I so enjoyed this! Can’t wait to do it again next year. The people of Northampton are very resourceful, imaginative, artistic, tech -savvy, fun and hilarious. To be honest: they edited some parts of the way I synced it. And they copied my last cadence to hilarious effect a few seconds later. Terrific! I heard it is more difficult smoothing out all the different recording levels people submit as opposed to the video which I’d have thought would be harder!

The video is now on Youtube at:

My music starts at 36:42. That is the scene where my music is in the second half(Two women acting out Luke’s recruitment in Obi-Wan’s Cave and then it transitions to a board meeting on the death star and ends). A few split scenes later they use my final chord again for where Darth Vader prepares to torture Princess Leia for the location of the hidden rebel base or something.

Which is hilariously done. So the exact seconds are

37:44”, Flute and Strings, and the editors did the Spaceship transition music.

38:29 I used electronics just taken from GarageBand, added Cymbal crashes and I faded into French Horns and Tuba at

38:54 before Darth Vader walks in. They synced it differently than I did & perhaps they were right. But the really funny thing is a brief scene later at

42:53” where they take my last chord and stretch it ????

Interesting is I happened to sit behind the young woman who played Obi-Wan in my scene and the director was sitting behind me so all of us trying to hide in the back!

I hope you get a chance to see and enjoy some of it. If you read this far thank you and many thanks to Sara Paar and Mykel for their kind patient tech support! #AboveAndBeyond

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