Tribute to Gladys Smuckler Moskowitz (1928-2024) by Dr. Françoise Vanhecke

25/06/2024 Harelbeke (Belgium)
Dear all,
Today one month ago, the 25th of May Gladys Smuckler Moskowitz passed away.
At first, I was shocked and now I am still emotional about her loss. She was for me like a godmother and an artistic soulmate. Gladys thank you and rest in peace.
In remembrance, I want to share some of my last correspondences with you all.
We first met in January 2004 when I performed her song Grass in New York during my first concert performance in function of my New York Women Composers grant.
I created several songs GrassI‘m afraid of Chicken LittleThree Songs of Passion, and Time and Tide, and performed them several times, such as for the National Radio in Brussels (Belgium)  but also in Japan and in Germany. She was always enthusiastic about my artistic activities and encouraged me to apply a second time for the NYWC grant. When I got the NYWC grant exceptionally for the 2nd time, she was as happy as I was.
I am also grateful that she asked me during the Covid Pandemic time to record her Three Songs of Passion (Life sentence – Utopia – Manic Screaming)
“If you are interested in recording this music on youtube I have also a version for piano and voice without the added instruments.  I have always felt this Trilogy is perfect for your voice and dramatc talent
“I have another dramatic song that I would like to hear you sing and record if you have the time. It is not difficult to accompany on the piano and it vocally suits your lovely voice and dramatic qualities Time and Tide ”
About my NYWC grant solo program SOLISSIMA
Thank you so much Françoise for this wonderful performance. I will play this for my mother when I see her. I know she is very proud of her music and delighted to have you, a gifted and talented singer perform her work. Unfortunately, she is now legally blind and has not yet found a way to independently use the computer. Wishing you a Happy Holiday season, Melody Buckley (Gladys Moskowitz’s daughter in Ireland)
When she listened to my live solo performance SOLISSIMA (voice-piano-electronics/fixed media), unfortunately she became blind and asked her daughter Donna Fork to write me.  Time and Tide (voice & piano) / Gladys Smuckler Moskowitz starts at 31’30”
 “My mother says congratulations. Your exploration of the human voice is superb, and the accompaniments are also wonderful. Your interpretation of Time and Tide was beautiful. Love Gladys. My mother says please feel free to quote her on the YouTube link. She‘s not able to type for herself”
Gladys, I will always remember you and play your music.
–Dr. Françoise Vanhecke