Marilyn Bliss

Beneath the Azure Sky

Year: 2004

Composers: Marilyn Bliss

Description: For soprano, flute, violin, and cello, a setting in three movements of oral poetry by Afghan women whose names remain anonymous. The poems were originally couplets called "landays" which I knitted together to form a narrative. The first movement is entitled Love, the second Separation, and the third Exile.

Performer: Gayane Gegamyan

Performer Role: soprano

Performer: Ani Ohanyan

Performer Role: flutist

Performer: Aram Asatryan

Performer Role: violinist

Performer: Vahan Grigoryan

Performer Role: cellist

Performer: Ruben Asatryan

Performer Role: conductor

Video URL:

Category: Concert Performances

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