Gladys Moskowitz (1928-2024)

Three Songs of Passion

Year: 2021

Composers: Gladys Smuckler Moskowitz

Description: Composed by Gladys Smuckler Moskowitz on poems by Cheryl Yuzik is a trilogy of art songs for soprano or mezzo soprano which transports the listener through the joy of love and the pain when it has gone. The music becomes the vehicle by which the listener can identify with the poet and singer. "Life Sentence" adds flowing lush harmonies to the piano accompaniment creating a sensuous feeling of enduring love. It is followed by the emotional ardor of sexual desire in "Utopia" A Tango of Love for piano and voice. In "Manic Screaming" we feel the anguish of the singer as she cries out in pain at the loss of her beloved. Her torment is captured in dissonant intervals and the repetitive motion of sixteenth notes that reflect her turbulent emotions, accompanied by the piano.

Performer: Françoise Vanhecke

Performer Role: Soprano and Pianist

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Category: Concert Performances