Alyssa Reit

The Ugly Duckling

Year: 2014? Revised 2022

Duration (in minutes): ca. 35 min.

Difficulty: High (professional)

Category: musical theater

Instruments: English horn, harp, horn, narrator/speaker

Publisher: 7 Stars Publishing

Score PDF: the_ugly_duckling__th-hhns_p_score_4up-5.pdf

Purchase score URL:

Description: This famous H.C. Andersen classic follows the young "duckling "as he contends with a world that doesn’t understand or accept him, and celebrates his eventual self-discovery and triumph. Many of the melodies in the setting are based on traditional Scandinavian folk tunes, making this an especially lovely presentation for school groups. Set for narrator, French horn, and pedal harp, with colorful light percussion played by the French hornist. The harpist or both musicians may narrate. A version substituting English horn is also available.

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